ACTPLT is a module which produes a contour plot on a plot device.
 One needs to specify the intensity levels for the contours that will be
 displayed.  A limit of 10 contours may be plotted.  The user is also 
 prompted for pen widths, colors, etc., but here, default values can be 
 taken.  After the plot has been drawn, it is possible to turn on the 
 cursor and read coordinate values.


 Enter an option:                              22-OCT-1991 11:52:46.00
 ACTPLT, Version 7
 Enter the filename:  (<CR> for default)
 There is one map in the file
 Reading from the file
  512 rows of  320 pixels in R4 format
 Enter start-column end-column start-row end-row:  (default = entire map)
          1		....A default was taken here
 Enter the kind of plot desired:
      1 = Contour follower (default)
      2 = Symbol plotter
      3 = Equidistant contour plotter
      4 = Line scanner
      5 = Fast and simple line scanner
      6 = "1" + file of positions
 Enter the intensity levels for the contours:
 CONTOURS=450 500
 Enter a command for the calculation of offsets and scales:
      A = Automatic selection while preserving aspect ratio (default)
      C = Previously established ACTPLT values
      S = Previously established SAOimage values
      M = Manual selection
 Enter the plot devices:
      S   = SAOimage
     -S   = SAOimage, no erasure of screen
      G   = Graphics terminal (VT100/Retrographics and Visual 550)
      G4  = Graphics terminal emulator (Versaterm)
      X   = Xterm (default)
      F   = File
 Enter the desired contour:
     N = No dashing (default)
     D = Dashing alternating with solid (first is dashed)
 Enter the penwidths in thousandths for the contour(s):
 (defaults = 23, 23, etc.)
 PENWIDTHS=                                   ....The default was taken
 Enter the colors for the contour(s):  (defaults =
 yellow, magenta, green, blue, cyan, moccasin, red
 with rollover

 COLORS=                                      ....The default was taken
 The following commands are available following completion of the plot
 a = Allows the user to enter annotation at the location of the crosshairs
     with the color most recently selected.
 ^A = Prompts user for the height of the annotation
 C = Turns on the crosshairs and by pressing the <CR>, prints the values at
     that location;  typing Q turns off the crosshairs.
 c = Allows the user to change the vector color
       Yellow = 16777422, Red = 16777419, Green = 16777420
       Blue = 16777421, White  = 16777418
 F = Draws a frame around the plot
 H = Help
 O = Redoes the original plot
 P = Plots a cross at the given pixel coordinates
 Q = Returns.
 q = Returns.
 V = Draws a solid vector of the color most recently selected.
 v = Allows the user to be prompted for the starting and ending physical
     values of a vector.

			    ....At this point, the plot is drawn.  Command
				C was used to read a position from the map.
 X=115.4991    Y=282.0305    
			    ....The screen is erased by pressing the <CR>.
 Do you wish to do more plotting with this map?  (default = N)