The help option (HE) calls up lists of command  descriptions

            by  group.   For  example,  all of the arithmetic options will be

            listed if you enter:

                 HE AR

                 The entire  list  of  options  (approximately  150)  may  be

            obtained while running MIIPS, by entering:



            and from outside the program by printing from the area where they

            reside on disk, ie., [MIIPS.DOC]MIIPS.HLP.

            Each option is documented in greater detail  in  the  file  named

            OP.DOC  (for  option  OP).   These  may  be  read from within the

            program by entering:

                 HE DOC OP

            The DOC files can also be printed  from  within  the  program  by

            responding   appropriately  to  the  prompt.   From  outside  the


            program, they can be printed from [MIIPS.DOC].DOC.  Note that the

            help source code refers to this area with the logical name DTAB.

                 The entire list of options and the current detailed examples

            are found in Volume II of this documentation.