The program SADFITS transfers an image from the SAD disk file

            format to the FITS tape file format.

            To run the program:

                        $MOUNT/FOREIGN MTXX:


            The program then asks

                'Is tape to be initialized (Y or N)?'

            If the answer  is  'Y'  the  data  is  written  starting  at  the

            beginning  of tape (any data on the tape is overwritten).  If the

            answer is 'N' the tape is positioned at the end-of-tape (two file

            marks) and the data written there.

            The program then prompts for the name of the input file:

                ' SAD file name ( to open a new file):'

            Transferring maps from the file is continued until a  map  number

            of zero is requested, when the program asks for a new file name.