One may display a SAD file image on  the  Grinnell  (in  the

            Physics  Dept.   at UM) or the Trapix (in the Astronomy Dept.  at

            UM) by entering MIIPS and responding to  the  prompt  OPTION=  by

            entering  TV.   If  the  TV  hasn't been used yet this session on

            MIIPS, answer Y to the prompt about a new start.  For later usage

            of  the  TV option a default will provide an N to this prompt and

            will prevent the Grinnell or Trapix from reinitializing and  thus

            destroying  any  lookup table parameters which may have been set.

            The program then asks for a command.  By entering H (for help), a

            list of possible commands will appear on the screen.  These are:

                A = Adds an image to the TV frame

                D = Quits the TV option and deassigns the TV

                E = Erases all TV frames

                G = Displays the header on the TV

                H = Helps the user by displaying a list of commands

                I = Loads an image from a SAD file

                O = Turns off the TV overlays

                P = Displays the "plate" scale

                Q = Quits the TV option; TV not deassigned

                S =  Steps  through  the  TV  internal  tests  (only  on  the


                T = Does command S automatically and resets

                V = Displays the video LUT output on the TV

            The command we want is I.  Enter the I and  answer  the  question

            about the name of the file to be displayed.