16.1 INTRODUCTION

                 The TEXPLOT command combines information from a TEX.QMS file

            with information from the universal plot file and sends it to the

            QMS Lasergrafix.  The command accepts most of the qualifiers that

            the  PLOT  command  uses  (see  Chapter 15).  Because the default

            orientation for TEX files is protrait and the default orientation

            for  PLOT  files  is  landscape, PLOT files that contain text may

            have to be rotated by +90 degrees with the ROTATE qualifier.  The

            TEXPLOT command runs the program TEXPLOTCOM which parses the file

            specifications and qualifiers  in  the  same  way  that  the  VMS

            operating system does.

            16.2 COMMAND PARAMETERS

            The format of  the  command  is  $TEXPLOT  tex-file-specification


            The tex-file-specification specifes the file which  contains  the

            device  specific  tex  information  for the QMS Lasergrafix.  The

            plot-file-specification specifies the  file  which  contains  the

            universal  plot  information.   Both  files  are required to have

            their extensions which normally would be .QMS and .PLT.

            16.3 COMMAND QUALIFIERS

                 The command qualifiers are listed below.

                 Command Qualifiers               Default

                 /COPIES  = number                COPIES=1

                 /NUMBER  = number                Plots all plots on the


                 /ROTATE  = angle                 ROTATE=0.0

                 /SCALE   = scale factor          SCALE=1.0

                 /XOFFSET = inches                XOFFSET=0.0

                 /YOFFSET = inches                YOFFSET=0.0



                 Specifies the  number  of  copies  of  the  plot  which  are


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                 Specifies which plot in a multi-plot file will be displayed.

                 By  default, all plots in the file are plotted.  Overlapping

                 plots in a multiplot file may be created on the  Lasergrafix

                 if NUMBER=-1.


                 Specifies an angle through which a  plot  will  be  rotated.

                 Rotation takes place about the origin of the plot device and

                 occurs after offseting.  A positive angle rotates  the  plot


            /SCALE=scale factor

                 Specifies a factor by which the size of the plot  is  to  be

                 multiplied.   That  is,  /SCALE=0.5  will cause a plot to be

                 displayed at half normal size,  /SCALE=3.0  will  cause  the

                 plot to be displayed at three times normal size.

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                 Specify offsets by which the plot will be shifted  from  its

                 normal  position  on  the screen or paper.  A positive value

                 shifts the plot either to the right or up.

            16.4 EXAMPLES


            Three copies of each plot in the file PLOT.OLD will  be  combined

            with the TEX file TABLE1.QMS and printed on the LASERGRAFIX.

            16.5 USEFUL PARAMETERS


            SCALE       XOF         YOF         ROTATE

            1.2        1.0         0.5            0

            1.0        1.5         1.0            0

            1.2      -10.3        -0.3           90

            Contour Plots

            SCALE       XOF         YOF         ROTATE

            1.85      -1.5       -10.8           90